Fathers Day Voucher – Deep Clean Facial



  • Neck and Shoulder Massage to relax and ease tension
  • Double Cleanse
  • Enzyme Peel and Peel booster to deeply clean, remove blackheads and treat Ingrown hairs
  • Collagen Face Mask to hydrate, firm and regenerate the skin.
  • Moisturiser and SPF

Voucher Option 1
Voucher Option 2

Men’s Facials Are Unexpected Father’s Day Gifts
Dad is probably expecting another tie, sweater, t-shirt or bottle of cologne – just like last Father’s Day …and all the Father’s Days before. So he will certainly be surprised, possibly even nervous, and probably more than a little bit curious, when he learns you’ve given him a facial. What says “I Love You Dad!” more than coming up with a completely unique and totally unexpected surprise?

A Men’s Facial is Probably Something He’s Never Done
Another tie or a shirt won’t leave a lasting impression. But a facial is an EXPERIENCE! We bet you still remember your first facial – and the unbridled bliss and relaxation you experienced. His first facial is a gift he’ll remember!

Dad Will Look Younger after a Men’s Facial
Daily shaving, outdoor activity, sports, sun exposure, and stress all take their toll on a man’s skin. And because men don’t have a women’s skin softening estrogen, their faces often get rough and dry. So a men’s facial is actually a practical gift – as it will give your dad or husband healthier, younger looking skin.

Dad will be Relaxed & Stress-free after a Men’s Facial
You’ve probably had facials yourself – so you know how luscious and relaxing they are.

If the Dad in your life has a high stress job, or hectic days at work, nothing will put him in a better mood than forgetting his worries during a relaxing and soothing facial.