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No matter what age group, acne breakouts can be a cause of great consternation for most people especially if it has plagued one consistently for years. For those people who are tired of unsuccessfully dealing with their acne problems, seeking professional help may be the best solution. Skin Brilliance Brighton is run by competent and expert dermatologists who can provide their clients with the best products and services that can finally free them from their acne troubles.

Who Can Benefit From Our Acne Treatment

While acne normally plagues most people during their teens, it can affect anyone from all age groups. This is due to the many factors that can trigger this condition. Acne breakouts can be set off by a number of things including hormonal changes, use of cosmetic products, diet and medication, stress, and even the humidity of the environment.

Acne is typically prominent across the face, but it also can crop up on other areas such as the buttocks, arms, and legs. Nowadays, anyone who suffers from this condition can consult and seek the assistance of dermatologists.

There are a number of ways to manage and deal with acne raging from oral medications to the more common topical treatments and finally to laser therapy. In most cases, one will benefit best from a combination of the laser treatments along with a topical routine.

Finding the right product to use on your own can be both exasperating and costly in the long run. Apart from that you also run the risk of picking out a product that will only aggravate your existing acne problem. By seeking out professional advice from our dermatologist about acne treatment, you would be giving yourself the best chance of eliminating acne for good.

Depending on the severity of the problem, Skin Brilliance Brighton dermatologist might recommend a certain topical and oral medication in conjunction with laser procedures that would help control the bacteria commonly associated with acne. In addition, laser treatments work to minimize oil production as well as reduce the appearance of acne scars.

What to Expect

Skin Brilliance dermatologist will sit down and discuss a variety of options and help you pick out the best way to deal with your acne problem. Monthly Laser treatments are usually worked in with a daily skin regimen. On the average, a patient needs to come in once for a laser session for the next six or seven months to achieve best results. The procedure is fast and relatively pain-free with only minimal discomfort associated with it. Post-treatment management is supplemented by acne clearing devices that can be used at home. Of course, one might need to consult regularly in case of acne reappears.


So what are you waiting for, visit Skin Brilliance Brighton and we will advise you on the best acne treatment for your skin and within a period of one month you will live acne-free life and get healthy skin you have always wished for.

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