Omnilux LED Phototherapy

LED (Light Emitting Diode) devices are well established in clinical anti-aging and skin-care therapy, as well as in the treatment of a wide variety of skin conditions. Omnilux™ Professional LED devices are the gold-standard medical technology used by dermatologists and aestheticians world over because of their ability to promote skin recovery and healing. Omnilux products combine clinically proven wavelengths of light with optimized energy levels in a process called LED phototherapy.

Omnilux Face Mask

Age Reversal

Age Reversal $999
(save over $500)
3x Skin Needling treatments
3x LED Light Treatments
3x Crystal fibre Masks

The ULTIMATE Age Reversal $999
(save over $500)
2x Infini RF treatments
2x LED Light Treatments
2x Crystal fibre Masks

Heal and Regenerate

10 LED Light Treatments $790
(save $300)
Heal and repair sensitive and Rosacea skin
Regenerate, plump and hydrate mature skin

Cosmelan Worlds No 1 Depigmenting system $1170
(save over $600)
Refine freckles, age spots, sun spots and pigmentation.
Ideal for Melasma and premature ageing